Moringa tree 

The Tree of Life

Moringa tree starts for sale   Broward County 

Florida Real Estate for sale

North, Central, East and West coast 

No homeowners insurance indestructible homes by DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie low down low monthly for 10 years, no banks!  go to for more

Seeking sales locations nationwide and partners in the next evolution in tornado proof backyard garden sheds those that can save your life!  RENTALS available 

Where will you go when the wind blows?

For Sale 1999 Buick Rivieras completely restored July 2019 New Paint job courtesy of CarteQ Auto Body Oakland Park Florida

Playa de Carmen Mexico 

2bd rm full kitchen NOT all incl

Golf / Scuba / waterpark onsite

MSC Seaside cruise March 7, 2020   MSC Seaside last cruise out of Miami   Fantastic Ocean Cay marine sanctuary