Moringa tree 

The Tree of Life

Seeking sales locations nationwide and partners in the next evolution in tornado proof backyard garden sheds those that can save your life!  RENTALS Where will you go when the wind blows?

Tornado danger areas and preparedness REMEMBER if your home is not tornado proof it is not hurricane proof 

 Tornado preparedness article

RARE last year of the Buick Riviera I have the largest collection in the world.  Want a car that will appreciate in time let me know.

Worst auto insurance states

DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie design your own Bunker home. Many lots in Florida to build the future of homes off grid no homeowners insurance needed bunker homes.  MORE at

Moringa tree starts for sale   Broward County 

Florida off grid homes   Year 2020 Travel NONE  My focus will now be on saving planet Earth one home at a time off grid bunker homes including composting toilets by Sun-Mar

Moringa, butterfly plants, aloe, apple snail shells and more email me

Broward County Florida

Kittens Cantaloupe and Pumpkin   isolation videos 

doing videos from my backyard and adopted two boy kittens to introduce to two grown Mama cats